22 Oct

3 home vacuum cleaners reviewed

Choosing a home vacuum isn’t an easy task. There are so many products in every price range, so it’s easy to get confused and frustrated. Here, we’ve provided reviews of three products in very different price ranges so that you can see exactly what the difference is and decide for yourself if each one is worth the price.

Dirt Devil Upright Vacuum Cleaner

For the price, you can’t go wrong with the $39 Dirt Devil Upright. This vacuum is a great deal and it works well for people with a limited budget. People who don’t have much carpet may also be attracted to this inexpensive product, too.

This vacuum comes with an attachable hose, too. Comparable vacuums have additional pieces that you must purchase separately. And many people claim that even with regular vacuuming – up to 3 times a week – they don’t have to empty the dirt cup after each use unless they want to.

The Dirt Devil Upright has several advantages over similar vacuums. Its 8-foot attachable hose is high quality and durable. The vacuum itself is incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver. It’s cyclonic filtration system comes with a HEPA filter, and the 11-inch cleaning path is plenty wide enough for most spaces.

Electrolux EL8807A Brushroll Clean Upright Vacuum

What a name, right? For $399 this vacuum comes with not only a big name, but one big advantage: it’s self-cleaning. If you’ve ever lived with anyone who has long hair, you understand the struggle of having to clean your vacuum each time you want to use it to clean something else! It’s a little more expensive than similar vacuums, but consumers agree that the self-cleaning feature makes it worth the money.

As an upright, it’s obvious that the Electrolux EL8807A is a powerful household vacuum. This one is particularly durable. In fact, it’s more powerful for its weight than most other vacuums in its class. This vacuum also comes with a 3-in-1 extension tool, great for crevices, couch cushions and stairs.

The vacuum utilizes a cyclonic filtration system, the most popular type. It also has a very effective HEPA filter system, which promises to trap 99.97% of all allergens. That fact makes it a great choice for pet owners and people with allergies or asthma. Finally, consumers love that the vacuum comes with an unheard of 5-year guarantee.

Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum

This $999 vacuum may give you sticker shock, but it is pretty cool.

What makes this vacuum unique is the 360 “eye” that can look around the room and plan its path. Most robotic vacuums require you to either map its course for it via an app on your smartphone or for you to set up cones or other boundaries around the room you want vacuumed so the robot doesn’t wander away.

You can, however, set the vacuum to clean while you are out using an app.

The Dyson 360 is so self-sufficient that it avoids stairs and is able to lift itself over seams in flooring, moving easily from carpet to hardwood flooring.

The one drawback that has been echoed is the relatively small dirt cup, which only holds a little over half a pound of dirt. You might have to empty it every time you vacuum, but some of us do that anyway, so it isn’t a big problem.